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English: Privacy policy regarding all Android apps made available by ÖsiApps to the adorable Google Play Store audience. Without exception NO USER DATA WILL BE COLLECED AND PROCESSED in all apps of the provider. All apps of the provider are non-commercial and free of charge applications. – „Just for fun“ is the slogan of ÖsiApps.

Deutsch: Datenschutzbestimmungen für alle Android-Apps, die von ÖsiApps im Google Play Store zur Verfügung gestellt werden. In allen Apps des Anbieters werden ausnahmslos KEINE BENUTZERDATEN ERFASST UND VERARBEITET. Bei allen Apps des Anbieters handelt es sich um nicht-kommerzielle und kostenfreie Anwendungen. – „Just for fun“ ist der Slogan von ÖsiApps.

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    Gefällt 1 Person

    • WOW!
      Yes, dear QUEEN Saint Amber Nicolle Roberts,
      our editorial department – always in the service of royal highnesses, always ready to give the best – day and night, whether the sun shines or it snows, in autumn, in winter, in every season, even out of season, when it rains dogs and cats, the cows moo, the frogs quack, the snakes, whatever, anything, in short: let me say, well, I know I am repeating myself, we are daily, hourly, by the minute endeavours to satisfy the Royal Excellency, but
      we need a little time, to gather the required documents, to gather the required documents, to prepare in that form, that befits a royal excellence, that no wishes remains open.

      Joined in great thanks

      Mister Ösi
      CEO of Ösiblog, ÖsiApps, ÖsiFilm and so on

      Gefällt mir

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